Traffic Player Video WP PluginFor a while I’ve been using YouTube videos on my affiliate sites, and since starting that I’ve taken my bounce rate down to around 65% (Oh, I use pretty themes, too, I’m sure that helps – Flexibility 3 is one of my fave’s)…but there is a problem with using YouTube viddies.

If you’re making sales like I am, you might notice at the end of the videos, you get served a host of recommended videos – not always complimentary to keeping traffic on site. 

Edit: Yep. Michelle just informed me that YouTube has an option to remove those videos and I have never seen it. So don’t get this player for that! :D

And they’re hoakey looking (YouTube vids I mean), at least when compared to what you can do once you have this plugin: Traffic Player

This is the big advantage, really the only one – that you can make your videos and site stand out from your competitors. For that, the thing rawks. Spell check that if you want to. 

I want to review this on a full splash page, so go here to my Traffic Player review.

[Thanks for the head's up, Michelle!]

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