SEOPressor ReviewsThis is my SEOPressor review, and I am very happy to tell you about it – and not because it’s simply another product to promote, either, but because I just used it and couldn’t believe the ranking difference!

Edit May 29, 2012: In light of the Penguin update, and what I learned doing this interview with AskTheBuilder’s Tim Carter, I am using SEOPressor and Clickbump SEO to down-play my on-page SEO. I am testing new thresholds and making sure I do NOT get a “perfect” or high SEO score, since Google has definitely changed their ranking signals.

Be fore-warned that this is an experiment, and until I have done my research I can’t say what is the “new best score” or values to achieve using these tools, but that’s my current direction. Thanks to Matt Cutt’s comments that Google wants to reward sites that do “little (or no) SEO”.

Note: I install SEOPressor on just about every site I own, and use it in conjunction with Clickbump SEO. Just for the record, they essentially do the same thing. I’ll have a Clickbump SEO review so you can compare the two, but the two plugins have their own advantages. Secondly, I published this SEOPressor review originally at my Hubpages account, but they decided to rule out any Clickbank links. It’s late in 2011, and I still stand by this review and use SEOPressor, and rank well every time I try. Back to my review (this records my first impressions of the plugin).

Really quick, I wanted to tell you this plugin costs money – it’s premium, and worth it – with your website on page 3, 5, or 50 – you’re not going to make a dime. With your website getting targeted traffic on page one? That’s a money tree.

My sales jumped when I hit #1 in Google for a couple of targeted terms – and I would have done that months ago had I used this plugin. Oh, one other thing – if you scroll down, you’ll see the plugin is on a sweet trial discount.

Part of me wants to tell you that “ONLY if you USE MY LINK” will you get that discount, but that’s a load of…well. Kraft Parmesan cheese, to put it nicely. You don’t have to use my affiliate links, but it would sure help out, so thanks to those who do.

(Just a side note: you will read other reviews about SEOPressor, this is one of the very FEW that didn’t come from: A) The sales page (tacky!), B) The tools and articles given to affiliates to use (lazy…) — Sorry, but the fact is that this is one of the few actual reviews from someone actually USING the plugin.)

My Experiment With SEOPressor

In 48 hours, two new websites I put up landed from 200+ to…hold on.

(I have no idea what # they were at in Google’s index at the moment…)

Actually, I’ll tell you that in a minute…

Needless to say (wait for it and I will spell it out), SEOPressor pulled my brand new websites up from the Index Abyss to someplace very high. (All things considered!)

My results are pretty astounding, but they’re real results. Granted: newer websites are given a temporary boost for their freshness, but I’ve seen that before and it doesn’t look like what happened to my websites.

By the way, it’s not as if SEO is Greek to me. I have websites that are all over the top 10 in Google, one of which is #1 for two very good terms. So I “thought” I knew what I was doing.

In any event, when I saw that Daniel Tan had released SEOPressor, an SEO plugin for WordPress, I had to have it – I’m only using WP at the moment.

In 48 hours, getting ranked for my terms is ridiculous – unreal – and simply astounding. So, what does it do?

Get The SEOPressor Discount Trial: $7 for 7 Days Here

In my estimation, this is a must have plugin, and has paid for itself just in the short time I’ve had it. How much is it worth to save months worth of guess work, wondering why a website isn’t at the top of the SERPs?

I’ve had that experience, and have paid plenty for backlinks pointing to an improperly SEO’d site. What a waste of time and money.

What Does SEOPressor DO?

SEOPressor gives you an on-page SEO audit, in your admin panel, so that you get a score – 0-100% – of your SEO. Using very common-knowlege, you-shoulda-known-betta type of SEO, it tells you how well you’re doing.

I was shocked to learn I wasn’t doing too well.

I actually shook my head to read the 54% score – FAILING? I got an “F” in SEO?? Hold on, SEOPressor, you have no idea who I am! I wasn’t born yesterday, man!

Setting my pride aside I took the advice –

Oh, I didn’t tell you that?

Besides giving you an SEO audit, it gives you a plan of attack: “You didn’t use your keywords in any H1 tags…”

Besides that – which is really eye-opening – it also automatically underlines, bolds and italicizes your keywords, and lets you select how the HTML is coded to do that.

Do you prefer “strong” in the brackets or “b”? That sort of thing.

It sounds…well, I tell you what: I was unimpressed with it at first.

I mean, as far as plugins go, SEOPressor is really cheap considering the benefits and ROI – I will be making the investment back in 30 days or less — it should cost a bit more for the results in my rankings, and that’s not an embellishment.

What Did SEOPressor Do For My NEW Websites?

In 48 hours, SEOPressor helped my websites get to…

Remember I told you to wait for it? It’s not *that* exciting if you were expecting me to tell you both of my brand-new websites landed at #1 – of course they didn’t in two days! — but they started at SOMEPLACE PAST 200 in Google’s index…


Oh, did I tell you I have NOT promoted them? Did I tell you I get PAID to do article marketing for clients all the time, that’s how I make a living?

Did I tell you I own Magic Submitter, belong to ArticleRanks and Unique Article Wizard, and own a dozen other on and off-page SEO tools to get my sites ranking?

Did I mention I didn’t do anything else but write the content (1-2 pages), put on my ads and AdSense, and submitted both to Google and Bing’s index (the typical stuff) — but NO promotion –?

All I did was on-page SEO according to SEOPressor.

From 200+, in 2 days, to…

Site 1: #13

Site 2: #20

Maybe to you this isn’t exciting because I didn’t say they were on page 1, but here’s the truth: I was worried about these sites, because when I took a second look into their markets (keyword wise), they were both a lot more competitive than I thought.

I was going to FLIP them, or just ignore them — but now? They’ll make me some decent coin.

SEOPressor took these two sites, both only have 1-2 posts, and yes: good content that I wrote up in all a little over an hour, two sites that I was giving up hope for after a closer look…but now I know both will be really high in Google for their terms.

From here, I’ll need to backlink them properly, but it’s really all downhill from here thanks to using SEOPressor.

Want to have an SEO auditor working for your on your websites? That’s what having SEOPressor is like. But don’t take my word for it, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee with this. Out of 5 stars, this plugin gets 5 stars from me.

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