SEnukeX SEO Software I’m mixing a couple of posts in here because time is short, planning on a trip and all that: but this post talks about my March 2011 earnings from passive sources, all built on SEO and affiliate marketing…and if you want to know about my SENukeX bonus, then skip to the bottom.

March Passive Income Online Earnings SORTA

When I added up the “loot” for March, I couldn’t believe it…And really I wanted to tell everyone, “Look at that!” I’m floored, it’s a huge blessing for me…

But then I read Paula and Wanda’s post on reporting earnings, and thought about some things that Dave said at Making Money on the Internet Free…You know what?

For the first time – I am now officially uncomfortable reporting my earnings. Call it paranoia…I call it being smart with those figures…

Most of my income comes from 4 pages of content in particular. Even with the declining sales (because of the way the market operates through the year: I’m on the downswing right now) -

March 2011 Went Down in the Record Books

For me, you understand – I doubt Donald Trump is shaking in his toupee, but I’m well on my way to my goals for 2011 a lot earlier than I expected.

So I will report my earnings in December, when I said last year that I had a goal of $7k-$12k a month in passive income…I want to report if I met the goal (at the present, I think I set my goal too low).

The secret? What I learned in the Amazonian Profit Plan – seriously: listen to what they had to say: they changed my business model (so did Dave).

I can do MORE with FEWER websites needed – scrap all that nonsense about 400 miniature, Exact Match Domain websites to make a living talk (for ME, anyway – that method WORKS, but it’s not for ME).

If you haven’t yet, I’d really recommend the Amazonian Profit Plan. Also – read the first Commission Junction Profit Plan and actually the whole series…in a few words:

1) Performance Incentives
2) Great Products
3) Solid Rankings

The solid rankings mean nothing without a great review. And try all you want to, but you can review a piece of dirt all you want – nobody’s buying it. Why make your job harder?

If you know what sells, or you can simply TELL what is going to sell (I don’t mean the type of products that come free with a magazine subscription, either!) – then it’s all downhill. Find keywords you can rank for if you want money sooner than later..

Or just buy ads if you know how (I don’t yet, I’m fully SEO-based). I don’t buy ads, but I am willing to spend for tools to make short work of my rankings…

So you really need: Good Rankings OR other Traffic Generation (PPC or listen to James Martell – I’m actually reading an ebook I just bought on the subject of traffic generation)…

The rankings are designed to get you traffic…or use whatever methods you prefer for traffic…

The traffic needs something to read to want to buy, so you need to spruce up your site and your reviews…

And if you’re peddling something that stinks like the Manilla open air market used to – sorry, but it did! – then it’s all for naught.

Hard to make Performance Incentives if you can’t sell the product – so shop affiliate products like a shopper!

My Current Strategies

Right now I’m all about content – I have a couple of websites that will fare better in the warmer months, so I’m all about getting those to convert, and it means changing themes to Flexibility 3 premium ($47 or the free version works really well, too)…

Then following my nose: I’m using Affiliate Product Dominator so that makes research time drastically shorter, and now using Instant Article Wizard for some other research (though I’ll be using it more for creating articles to spin, hunting for topics and the like).

I’ll be making bigger sites from now on, with categories tightly focused, selling items that are somewhat related and that are going to sell all year (at least when it’s not icy cold out).

That’s my strategy in a nutshell: following Insights for Search from Google and some common sense (like checking my mail and email for who’s trying to sell me from the brick-and-mortar world).

And you thought junk mail was just junk…

I’m still following what I learned in the Amazonian Profit Plan: focusing – so I’m about to launch my initial linking to the reviews I have up so far. Linking like a mad fury.

Overcoming Seasonal Market Trends

That’s really the key: knowing what sells and when – and watching Google Trends and especially Google Insights. I’ve set up Google Alerts as well for a number of my keywords – and I have plenty of content ideas on markets I otherwise would know little about…

So I’m studying, learning – and planning.

What sells now? What in my inventory of websites can I focus on without buying new websites?

That’s where my head’s at presently…

One trick I’ve learned is that Performance Incentives rock… So I’m sticking with one of my advertisers and selling their other products – these should do well all year.

It means I’ll have more ways to meet their performance incentives – and I plan to do all their products to really kick it up (why wouldn’t I?).

Automating Research For Content Generation

I’ve written two reviews of the Affiliate Product Dominator and I have to say after a week of using it that I LOVE this thing! I’m also using Instant Article Wizard for creating seed articles I can rewrite and spin, both tools are saving me a load of time for content and backlinking fodder.

Neither tool will write my content for me (at least, I don’t just “publish” what comes out of either), but both are saving me a boatload of time in research and content ideas.

My plan is simple: keep getting more and more efficient with time, it’s why I love the Action Enforcer – and so far it’s all coming together just as planned.

I’ve put together more spin-ready articles, and more product reviews (or their research) this past week than I’ve done for a long time, if ever. I’m just kicking myself for waiting this long – I could have arrived at this record-setting benchmark sooner.

Ah, well. Live and learn, and improve all the way.

Backlinks Experiments

The Mystery Tool

I’m keeping it on the “mystery” side since I’m not sure if it works yet – though I think it will do just fine. It’s a service…

Entirely automated backlinks. I won’t even mention the name of it, not until I test it out first – but what I’ve done with it is build and drip-fed my links to my main money-maker…

That will build out a few hundred links this next month without me lifting a finger…full reporting on the URLs – hopefully it goes well. Otherwise I’ll tell you I’ve been scammed. :)

More on that after California – my links are dripping out right now. I don’t want to refer anyone to them because NOBODY else is right now that I can see…and I want to have results to show first.

SENukeX Bonus and Test

I’m also conducting an experiment with the SENukeX launch – and I have no shame in saying that, since I know the first tool worked (although Magic Submitter is the better value when you compare the OLD SENuke vs. Magic)…

I’ll be one of “those guys” who’s on board and testing it out – only because I can. And I’m curious. If I didn’t have the money to do it, I wouldn’t lose any sleep (so if you CAN’T use it, of COURSE you can still rank!).

I’m not having “bad” results following my own link building guide, not at all. But I can always save more time, which is what SENukeX is designed to do, so I’m in.

As a faithful user (I was for 7 months) of Magic Submitter – one of the founding members – I love that tool: but SENukeX is reportedly going to run on a main server as I understand it so far.

That means: more speed, less computing resources taken up…

More automation: OK, it reportedly can “fully automate” the process, even offering members 50 spun articles every month to use (modify those if you do) – that sounds more up my alley.

There’s no question the method works: I’ve proven for myself it in Magic Submitter – it just depends on your quality of writing. I may spin articles, but I put some thought into what I’m doing – I don’t hit spin and submit gibberish.

What IS a question is the price, and how much is the lifetime license for it…But it launches April 5th at 8PM Eastern, I believe, that’s Tuesday. So I’m in for the 14-day trial, hopefully to buy it for good.

If not, then that’s OK, too – my present tools are far from ineffective – but I WILL pay to automate as much as I can. While I’m on the subject – if you want to get SENukeX through my link, I am offering a unique bonus that nobody else can offer.

Me. :)

This is literally ONLY for the first 20 people who meet the criteria, because I don’t want to make a load of work for myself.

SENukeX is coming with their own bonus for the launch – only prior to the launch. They have their own templates you can use to plan your attack, and they can be uploaded to the tool so you can see their strategy – the first module plans your backlinks…

If you want that (I’ve downloaded mine), then:

Get Your Strategy Templates – Available Only Till Launch

It launches at 8PM, Eastern, April 5th – just in case you didn’t know.

James’s Limited 9-Part SENukeX Bonus

I hate these things – normally you see a scammy product and then you find 20 bonuses because, in fact, the product STINKS. You also find bonuses on pages of guru scam artists.

I’m not running a scam operation – not ever. But this tool will be valuable, for my business and for yours if you can get it – so on that note, I am offering a bonus.

My bonus is essentially my experience, access to some of my research and tools, and access to my time. I’m offering a little of myself, rather than some junky software you’ll never use.

There ARE limitations: because I’m human! So I can only offer this to the first 20 people – if more sign up, then let’s chat and I’ll give you a partial bonus (without inconveniencing me too much, I’m sure I can work out something to make it worthwhile for you).

First off – IF you buy through my link – your sale has to clear the refund mark. Once that happens, then this is what you’ll receive from me:

Only for the first 20 taking up the offer:

1) Keyword research. I mean the good stuff: Market Samurai, Google Trends, LSI and Suggested terms from 8 sources.
2) My SEO opinion on what you should target keyword-wise (I’m a professional: I don’t compete against customers, ever).
3) My help/opinion in choosing your theme, setting up your site on WordPress, and overall layout tips (if you need it).
4) A critique of 5 reviews/your content with suggested improvements. This is constructive, not destructive. :)
5) I will scrape a list of forums you can add to your copy of SENuke – these will be different for everyone.
6) I will scrape a list of blog targets you can use to comment on, with PR targets to use.
NOTE: These targets will not be perfect – they never are – but I’ll do my best to find some great ones to use.

Only for the first 10 taking up the offer:

7) I’ll write up 2 reviews you can use on your site, 500 word minimum but I write long…
8) I’ll give you my phone number, and I WILL be available during MY business hours – but call anyway. Don’t share it – and you need to give me your number so I don’t just ignore your call: I’ll set up a special ringer for you. :)
9) Skype access (this is really rare for me, my own family never gets in). This support will be for the first month, business hours (10-5 pm, Mountain Standard Time, M-F). What I’m saying is that I’ll actually REPLY, but only to the first 20.

Must meet these conditions:

1) Email me your receipt.
2) The refund period has to be passed before getting bonuses.
3) I am NOT Areeb or Joe – the developers of SENukeX – so I am NOT offering technical support (unless I know the answer) – my advice is more on copywriting, closing sales, and SEO.
4) This is NOT being offered to those who just take the 14-day trial – and because I value my time, I really am serious about my business hours (though if you live across the globe, just email me what time’s good for you and I’m sure I can work something out).
5) I will NOT write on subjects I find objectionable…sorry, I’m not going to promote anything pornographic, or that otherwise offends my conscience.
6) You have to read my disclaimer page. I’m not Google, I’m not guaranteeing your success, and I can’t say if you’ll make sales using my reviews or my methods.


Sign Up For SENukeX Right Here To Claim Your Bonus



Here’s to your success in IM, whether you want my bonus or not – whether you buy my tools or not: anyone can make a living at this. So, that said: I hope my SENukeX bonus and sales don’t make anyone think I’m saying YOU NEED THIS TO SUCCEED!

You don’t. I want it to save me time, and I’m still experimenting with SENuke right now. If this tool isn’t dramatically better than Magic Submitter, SENukeX, I mean – then I’ll be the first to come out and say it. Otherwise, I think it’s going to really save me time.

SEnukeX SEO Software

Thanks for reading, as always!

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