a Traffic Player review

Traffic Player – it’s touted as the “most powerful” video player for WordPress, I wouldn’t know since I’ve only used this one.  Never bothered looking again.

What I’ve been doing on my affiliate websites is write up a killer review, then use some images and video from YouTube with a link near the video, a call to action.  Seems to work just great, actually.

The net result has been taking my bounce rates from 70% or so to 60% since using bare YouTube’s.  The problem, though…and yes, there are problems using YouTube or any other 3rd party video site…is a loss of traffic.

It’s hard to tell just how much traffic bleeds, but if your reader clicks on one and goes to YouTube (to view in YouTube) – you’ve possibly lost a sale.  Also you might want to remove the controls from the video, have it auto-play, and simply look better in a skin, depending on your needs.

So I’ve been in the market to get a video player for my sites, but it had to be pretty simple (I don’t hack code, I write content primarily).  On some whim, I found this plugin “Traffic Player”, so far this plugin just rawks (I had the free version until recently).

I’ve updated my niche sites with this thing, and I’m telling you the difference was astounding:

Traffic Player On-Site Results

  • Bounce rate dropped from 60-65% to 25-30%
  • Have made more sales since installing, a marked increase of 250% more sales (granted: could be other causes)
  • I can’t stop watching these videos, they just look screamin‘ (a decrease in my own productivity, personal problem)  :)
  • My pages look tons better than the competitors (until they read this review)

Here’s the sales video, I figure the developer could tell you more about it – oh, and the thing now has 18 different skins, too.  He mentions 9 different skins in the video.  Keep your traffic on your site and off YouTube, make your videos look mo’ betta than your competitors. Righteous. :)

There was one issue with a caching plugin, WP Minify, so I removed it from the site and it works fine. On another note, I ran into some issues trying to get customer support, but his team seems to be operating out of the Ukraine if I’m not mistaken. So if you have issues, give them a day or two to respond (there are some known plugin conflicts, WP Security and some few others, no biggie).

Try Traffic Player Free

I’m glad I got this thing, personally – also in my case I’m trying to now differentiate myself from some scraper clown (uh, hope he’s not reading!), so far my site’s looking just a wee bit slightly way massively better.  For the record.  Just sayin’.

I’m convinced this thing’s helped me make more sales – but I can’t prove that, just a hunch.  My sites look a lot more professional with it, at any rate – and I can’t argue with a massive drop in bounce rate.

The video mentions getting a “thumbnail” of your video in the search listings – honestly I haven’t even bothered with that aspect at all but there’s a training area for that apparently.  I was just interested in closing more sales, but should probably look into that feature.  What I do for my videos in terms of SEO is explained below (not sure what else I’m missing at the moment).

I started with the free version (loved that), but wanted control over the size of the videos, so wound up buying the $47 version since it’s all I personally need.  If you have a theme like Flexibility 3 that gives the option of full-width pages, you can use those, too (like I’m doing here).

If you use it, I’d also get the Google XML Video Sitemap generator plugin by Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspirations. In fact, I’d definitely get that Google video sitemap plugin if you use video anyway, just for SEO benefits and to make Google happy to crawl your videos.

Try out the Traffic Player on your niche sites and quit losing sales to YouTube, or just have the same-old, same-old video everyone else has.  It works for flash videos in the $97 version (I bought the $47 version) – really any type of video file as I understand, but for now it’s doing its magic on my conversion optimization as it sits.

If you use video, you’ll want to use this thing.  You can thank me laters. Or thank me by buying the thing now (that would be nice of you).  :)

If I used a 5-star rating system, I’d give it a dead honest 5 of 5 stars – but try it yourself in the free version and see for yourself.

Thanks for readin’.