ArticleRanks 2.0 Article MarketingNot sure about you, but I use more than one article distribution service – including ArticleRanks 2.0. The thing is, they have their own hoity-toity spintax (why couldn’t they just play nice?) and it is currently only a two-level spin deal.

Edit May 29, 2012: I am not using nor recommending this or any other submitter for links. The reason? Penguin – read my results and early analysis here.

I am not 100% sure of why Google took my traffic, but I am analyzing my data and need to run some tests. In good faith, I can’t recommend this service to you since I know for a fact that Google doesn’t recommend manipulating rankings by submitting links in spun content (or otherwise).

Until I can test my own results definitively, I can’t recommend AR. Please listen to this interview I did with Tim Carter, a white hat SEO who runs AskTheBuilder – he didn’t do anything wrong, but he got hit by Panda and Penguin updates in Google. Continuing now with the rest of the user’s guide, please proceed at your own risk.

To put it in another blogger’s words, ArticleRanks 2.0 can be a real pain in the ______[fill in with certain Pirate-speak]. The reason is two-fold.

First, they have their own spin syntax (I call it “spintax” – it’s got nothing to do with Obamacare or Medicare, or any other tax related question).

But they were kind enough to include their own spinner (which is a nice feature)…

BUT it’s slow. Since it’s server-based, it runs slowly – and I don’t have that kind of patience to use it. So, I prefer to spin like usual and use The Best Spinner. Use whatever spinner you want, even manual spins are quicker than the latency of the built-in spinner at AR.

Those are the two main issues – things get really hairy when you want to export your spun article from The Best Spinner (or MAR, etc.) into ArticleRanks 2.0…

Then you get error messages, or you preview your article and horror of horrors! You notice your brackets and tildes, etc. showing…

You edit and can easily spend hours finding the missing bracket (BTW, Notepad++ is a free tool to download from if you haven’t already – editing text or code, it’s incredible).

What’s New In ArticleRanks 2.0?

The best answer in a nutshell is quality control – there is now a whitelist to keep out the flagrant spam/lack of quality folks hitting publish on chumtent (chum + content).

The articles were being bookmarked and submitted to social sites for monthly members already in version one, version two is a bit tighter with quality controls (but they’re not EzineArticles – they’re still easy to publish to).

Go here to learn about the different price plans (from free, to pay as you to, to monthly membership).

If you want to read the latest updates, read their blog here.

Why Use ArticleRanks 2.0 if It’s Frustrating?

1) ArticleRanks works. Yes, after Google’s Panda update – it works.

2) Limiting mindless tasks is always a good thing. Maybe it’s just me.

I’d still rather spin than write for hours a day for a few weeks on one subject – like you wind up doing using PostRunner, Blog Bluebrint or BuildMyRank (BMR being the best of the three) – or strictly manually link building.

3) I save time spinning – even if I run into errors along the way – but I’d rather not run into those errors.

4) Convenience. Security. Peace of mind.

When you use a service like UAW, ArticleRanks or what have you – you build backlinks without:

> logging in
> without babysitting your PC
> without needing to buy CAPTCHAs (not that they’re expensive)
> without worrying about fighting a virus (thanks to VIPRE anti-virus, I don’t care really, but it’s a consideration).

5) I save money spinning.

I would rather spin than pay a writer to do my BMRs, or my spinning for me, or whatever – the benefit outweighs the cost in money or time (which, all things being equal, the odds are still in favor of spinning articles).

6) Disclaimer. Let’s be honest: I’d like you to buy a monthly subscription from me, or buy a few articles and try it out through my link. Like you didn’t know or something.

What I don’t want is for someone to try it out and then not continue using it – but not strictly for my own profit: it’s because ArticleRanks 2.0 works like a champ.

If you’d rather write 50 articles, 3 press releases and do 5 videos – then don’t let me stop you (and really you should get link diversity anyway).

Of course, I’m still a little weird – I think it just makes more sense to spin a few articles and distribute them through various channels and get ranking with less work, for less money.  :D

So rather than you trying it out and then thinking it was not a good experience, I’d rather have you try it and find it’s easy to use – so here’s the user’s guide.

The Easiest Way to Use ArticleRanks 2.0

Don’t use a spinner. Really – just use their on-board spinner, rewrite every sentence, then go ahead and spin the words in those sentences.

This ensures everything is done right the first time – and yes, it’s slow-going, but believe me, once you do the work and walk away – you can actually build other links.


I don’t do this, but it’s the best way to keep yourself from headaches.


The Problem With Using Spinners For ArticleRanks 2.0

I’ve mentioned they have a custom spintax: { abc ~ def [ hij | klm ] ~ nop }

That can become tedious if you’re manually spinning. If you are, then spin sentences first {sentence 1 ~ sentence 2}, then alter words or phrases inside them with [ | ].

Do that in NotePad++ or another computer-code-editing-type of text editor (NotePad++ is my favorite, Mac users have a host of other tools that I’m sure rock)…

One of the other issues with ArticleRanks: they only support 2-level spins. Hopefully that’s not Greek to you.

If you know your spinning, that means you can “nest” your spun terms one level deep. Still confused?

Allow me to illustrate for you.

Say that was the original sentence. For a 1-level spin, it might look like this, normally (since most tools use the “Jet Spinner” spintax):

{Allow me to|Just let me|I am about to} {illustrate for|demonstrate it to|show} you.

That is one level deep – but ArticleRanks goes two levels, so you can have:

{Allow me to|{Just|Simply} {let|permit} me|I am about to} {illustrate for|demonstrate it to|show} you.

Except – this is where it gets hairy and scary, like a pair of arm pits and nether regions that should not have made it to the beach that day – AR has their own spintax.

For level one spins – usually reserved for rewriting entire sentences – you would have different delimiters: braces. The “curly brackets” (technically they’re called braces)…this is nothing really new:

{, }

What is different is that they are separated by the tilde (Misses minus sign, she’s curvy):


If you use the braces to re-write ONE sentence, and just want to have a number of “level two” spins (nested terms), it would come out neater, and is easier to do:

{Allow me to illustrate for you~Let me show you~This is what it looks like}.

That is easy to do in The Best Spinner or Magic Article Rewriter, or other (lesser!) spinners. You simply export using the right spintax, or you can use a text editor.

How to Use Export Features in The Best Spinner or MAR

By the way, in MAR, that means you use AMA or MAN spintax, in The Best Spinner you would need to use the custom feature to create your own 2-level spintax. The first level would be { } and ~, the second would be [ ] and |.

Magic Article Rewriter Custom Spintax

ArticleRanks 2.0 with The Best Spinner

Just find and replace the right elements if you need to, assuming you ONLY spun on one level, and you want to use ArticleRanks. Free Traffic System is another submission service that has their own spintax, they use a BBcode “spin block” and that’s similar to what I’m discussing here.

To Avoid Headaches – ONLY Spin With 2 Level Spins Max!

That’s not negotiable at this time – ArticleRanks 2.0 is simply 2 levels deep, nothing further – and it’s sufficient for this blog network.

Remember, mainly:

1) Use the on-board spinner for the least amount of headaches. Spin sentences, then phrases/words.

2) If you use The Best Spinner or MAR, remember how to export – then use your text editor to count the opening and closing { and [ – if you have a mismatch, it’s likely to be found in your nested spins.

Use Spin Tokens For Your 1-3 Links

In ArticleRanks, you get up to 3 outbound links (even directly linking to affiliate offers). Use something like %TOKEN1% %TOKEN2% for your links – that way, they don’t wind up getting spun by accident (like “replace everyone’s favorites” in The Best Spinner).

Keep Titles To 2,048 Characters

Obviously, use NotePad++ or your favorite text editor to count characters here, OpenOffice and WordPad can be of some use as well (so can Google Documents or whatever you use). I wouldn’t recommend Word, though – but if you do use Word, load up to ArticleRanks via the WYSIWYG editor.

Don’t Just Do ONE Article

I’ve always seen the best results with a few articles, I think people put their toe in sometimes and expect a miracle. I do 2 as a minimum per page if I want to be serious.

Submitting just 1 article works for maintenance mode, but I use more than that to get results – 2-5, once even 10 – depends on the niche.

Upload Directly to ArticleRanks HTML Editor

When you select your country (you can pinpoint distribution country), your date (schedule them out), category, etc. – you’ll see the option to use the editor either in default WYSIWYG or HTML. Click HTML.

This means you should format your article using paragraph tags, too…

That way, when you upload your article, you’re ready to go.

Never Rely On ONE Backlink Resource

Doing so is madness. Don’t try ArticleRanks and expect 1 submission to do the magic trick of ranking you at number one.

Anything worth ranking for will require more than that – always, always get a mix of backlinks to a page, including internal links from your own site.

ArticleRanks is NOT SEO fairy dust – it can’t work by itself and I never expect it to do the job by itself. The same is true for BuildMyRanks or whatever you use.

Set Up Alternate Targets / Spin Anchors

I do this with Article Marketing Robot, Bookmarking Demon – everything. I have a list of manual links I make to a page, and choose a random mix of those.

I spend some time doing it – leveraging all the free sites I feel like using. I get at least 5-20 of these alternate targets pointing at the center: my web page.

Then I hit a handful with every ArticleRanks submission. Not that I advise against direct links with AR, I just make this a habit and I see great results.

I always, always spin my anchor text, too – without fail. If you’re going to spin, or build a lot of links – you need to do this.

Get a list of keywords to use and use them mixed with a few “click here” or “visit this site” or “full URL” links to look ‘natch’…

Is it even worth the trouble?


Unless you want to spend $150, $250 or $500+ a month paying someone to write your articles or spin for you: yes, it’s worth it to use ArticleRanks.

Do they work? After the Farmer update? Yes, they do. I still prefer spinning my own articles and such because I have this thing for “profit” that I can’t get around just yet, I like to keep my money. :)

One day I will be paying someone to do these things for me, but right now I spend most of my time copywriting and researching content, not even a part time job to spin – and I stay on top of ranking without paying someone for it.

Spinning articles works – for rankings, for saving time writing, for saving money in outsourcing – the benefits haven’t changed, it’s just not “fun” to do (until you get paid, I guess).

The flip side of not spinning my own articles = $100′s of dollars a month, $1,000′s a year of outsourcing.

No, thanks. I keep my costs low.

I spin my own stuff, I use ArticleRanks and Article Marketing Robot and other services – but it saves time and money doing things this way.

If you don’t want to spin, you can use BuildMyRank – I don’t because I’d be tempted to max out my 50 links a day, and that means outsourcing or spending hours a day writing just for backlinks.

Of course, you can use something like Instant Article Wizard like I do now – but they still need to be edited before publishing. Food for thought (I’m using Instant Article Wizard for spun article creation and article marketing easier).

BMR works – don’t get me wrong (people I trust use it, as in: everyone but me) – but it means time and / or money.

10 Benefits of ArticleRanks 2.0

There are a number of other benefits:

1) If you use the monthly service, your articles are automatically going to get backlinked with social bookmarks from various user accounts.

2) Various IPs and PR blogs in the network, not a private network so likely this network will not get shut down – it’s dynamic with people coming and going all the time.

3) ArticleRanks has always worked for me since I’ve began using them – no exceptions. Others say they “tried it” but there are two issues: either their articles weren’t accepted (they’re reviewed, which is good for everyone), or they didn’t do more than one per site.

4) Automatically the articles are distributed randomly, just a few a day. This can mean 1, 3, 7…but the numbers are pretty low. This is good!

5) The article categories can’t be spammed, like other networks – this preserves the purity of the network (in theory) and keeps down the spam happy ruiners of good things. If you want more than one category, you pay for it.

6) You can use either a pay as you go, a free service, or monthly – for unlimited submissions. There is a $20 minimum for pay as you go – that gets you 5 articles to distribute.

I prefer monthly because the articles get more link juice on their own, and because it keeps me “in the game,” rather than sitting on my laurels – and it’s one of the more affordable services out there.

7) You can have direct links to your affiliate programs – which includes Amazon. So if you link to your reviews, you can make some sales along the way. Same for Clickbank, etc.

I’d recommend you keep that link for last, with the other links going to your own reviews – at least you get to cookie the customer first. :)

8) NO resource or author box – this is great for the blog owner who published your article – as well as for keeping your identity on the DL (the “down low” in case you’re wondering). Time savings, in other words.

9) Better indexing because you’re distributing to blogs – your articles will have a higher chance of indexing since WordPress, for one, auto-pings every post. If you want to further your indexing, try The Indexing Tool, it works great for article marketing and I use it for my own sites.

10) Higher relevancy – because most blog owners have niche blogs and want relevant content. Also – you can only sign up for a category or two – it costs money to request more categories. Higher relevance = better link.

Conclusion: Get ArticleRanks

Try out 5-10 articles. Use them all up to your site, hit category pages that link to other reviews on your site, use them for direct and indirect links – and see for yourself.

ArticleRanks is a unique service in the sense that they backlink your links (for monthly customers), allow you direct affiliate links, and have a few quality controls in place that other services neglect.

Every time I use them – without fail – I see good results, and that’s because they drip links at random to various C-Class IPs. Even with all the possible pitfalls and new kids on the block, algo changes and sky is falling nay-sayers: I still give ArticleRanks 2.0 a 5 star rating.

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