Alright, I had to follow up with one of my current IM tool acquisitions (been on a buying trend lately) – the Affiliate Product Dominator. I do have the discount still available here if you’re interested in giving it a spin for 90 days, it’s cheap and saves me hours of time jumping around all over.

So this past week I’ve done research for 10 reviews, and posted four so far. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. :)

If I wasn’t somewhat hectic in my schedule (trying to get ready to leave for California, I’m writing a heap more for this site and getting things together for my newsletter subscribers), I could have posted 20-30 reviews this week using the tool, easily.

Not usually my style, but it’s much easier using APD. Before I carry along much further -

What is “Affiliate Product Dominator?”

It’s a WordPress plugin, one that really helps you with your research when you’re selling physical products. Normally I’m jumpin’ around like a rabbit on Starbuck’s: 5 windows and 2-3 tools open:

Amazon Reviews
Wonder Wheel
Google Insights
Google Products
Market Samurai
SEO Powersuite: SEO Spyglass and Rank Tracker
3-4 Competitor’s Sites
Yahoo! Answers…

I’m about research. I take it seriously – to answer questions, to have a unique “take” on an otherwise potentially cereal box-sounding review…and I’m not even selling Frosted Flakes!

If you read my Market Research post in the Commission Junction Profit Plan series, you got a glimpse of my craziness – I still try to be thorough…

Then I caught wind of Edwin Boiten’s new Affiliate Product Dominator and it centralizes the majority of my review data – right in my WordPress admin panel.


A few of you have bought it – thanks for the sales, by the way – I wanted to do a full on review after having used it for a few more days.

One of the classy things about this plugin, is that you can use it on more than one website – no upsells to a multi-site license or anything like that. That’s good business.

By the way, I’ve already made my first Amazon sales with it, and I haven’t begun backlinking yet! It’s an established site of mine, already ranking for a few terms and it’s a PR2 – that was created after a Unique Article Wizard run way back when.

When I unleash my new backlinking plan (which is always improving with various ways to link), I’m sure these reviews will be making me a happy Amazon affiliate.

Let me show you what it looks like.

(Note: I’ve linked the pictures to the discounted sales page, there’s a video on there you can see more of the tool in action).

Affiliate Product Dominator Sidebar

See? Not really snazzy, jazzy and all that to look at – just a simple plugin with three navigation buttons. You only really need to fill out the options once to get set up, took me about 7 minutes, 21.3 seconds. :)

First Step: Setting Up Your API Keys

When I read, “API Keys,” my eyes gloss over. “What?” I’m not technical – but this was easy to do (not like trying to set up Facebook integration or anything ridiculously difficult).

You need to get an API key from Amazon, that’s not as hard as it sounds. In your Amazon Associate’s admin panel, navigate to “Product Advertising API” and sign up – simple as that.

Finding Amazon API

Keep that screen open and open a new tab for your APD panel on your website. Copy and paste the “Amazon API Key” and “Secret” – and your associate’s ID from Amazon.

Affiliate Product Dominator will automatically insert your affiliate ID into your links.

When you create a review using the auto-generated links and comparison tables, you’ll already have your links in them! That’s a big time-savings…and it will style your links so they have the “Target=blank” and “Rel=nofollow” attributes: perfect for affiliate links.

You also need an API key for Yahoo! to use the Yahoo! Answers feature, and if you have an affiliation with, you can put in your API key for them as well (they offer a CPC program like AdSense if you’re interested).

Getting the Yahoo! API

This isn’t too hard, though there are a lot of fields to fill out.  All I did was type in “Get Yahoo API” into Google and I was taken to the right screen – to login to my Yahoo! account.

Then I filled out the details, using as generic descriptions as I could.  For the URL to the application, I filled out the URL to my website and used the key on multiple installations.

The “description” is something vanilla like, “I have a WP plugin that needs to compile research for my shopping site, the plugin will search topics on Yahoo! Answers to help me edit posts.”  Not a big deal – there is an actual Yahoo! Answers API that you can use, so it’s not like Yahoo! is protecting the content or anything.

I used a fake phone number, and asked for a Generic, no user authentication needed option in addition to Required access scopes: Single Sign On, No user data can be accessed.

Yahoo API

Affiliate Product Dominator Overview

I’ve written about it in the interview with the developer, if you missed it, check out the Edwin Boiten interview. What it will do is allow you to research the bestselling products at Amazon, eBay Pulse, PriceGrabber, and Google Products.

It collects a lot of data for you – all from within WordPress – and it makes short work of keyword research.

Here you can see some of the screen grabs I did just for this post, the pics more or less explain themselves.

APD Research Step 1

Comparing Products in APD

Step 2: Keyword or Product Research

This is essentially the meat and taters of the whole thing – you can search a product via keywords or categories. Then Affiliate Product Dominator aggregates all the data you use for composing your post.

I actually prefer it to the autoblog tools, since Google’s Panda update sent a clear message about duplicate or low quality content.

This isn’t really an autoblog tool, like I originally thought – it’s more a tool for condensing your research time and helps you get more product reviews out in short order.

What I’ve been doing is using the keyword search, rather than selecting the categories in eBay Pulse,, Amazon and PriceGrabber. It goes faster if you know what you want – but wow: you get a lot of ideas just sifting through the categories…

Anyway, this step is pretty simple. Pick a keyword and go.

Keyword Research for APD is Great for On-Page SEO

The Google Search Results Are Great!

Seriously – it’s NOT a replacement for Market Samurai, but when composing a review for a product, I’m finding that most of my keywords aren’t super competitive. What this feature will do, “Search Engine Results,” is display the number of backlinks to the page and to the domain of the top 10 in Google.

You get:

Google Products
Google Product Reviews (From All Over)
Google Wonder Wheel Results (LSI Terms)
Google Suggest Words (“Related Searches”)
Backlinks to Page and Domain of Top 10

More or less, you get your on-page SEO terms and a glimpse at the overall competition from a backlink count – all in seconds.

Affiliate Product Dominator and Google Keywords

SEO Competition Research

I now fire up Market Samurai only when it seems like the backlink count is pretty high in these results – saving me more time before bothering.

Step 3: Add Content and Edit

The next few screens are where you decide what sort of results you want to find, the Google top 10, Yahoo! Answers, Comparison Table, Images, etc.

First you can select the product from, if you find the same product there – this helps return more details about it, and it’s not always there, but when it is: do it.

Then you find the screen where you can select all the features and content you want to include – and I rewrite anything I use for my own use, and use the information to compose my own posts.

Every now and then you see a “Goto Write Section” which is at the bottom of the screen – it’s the built-in text editor, with your categories and an opportunity to publish right there.

I save them as drafts – I’ve done 10 at a time this way and publishing is quick! Anyhow – I always edit the table when I use it, capitalize the categories in it, take some stuff out, or use other images if I don’t like those images it pulls up.

And yes: I still add some more images when I find something to use – but for all that: it’s saving me a lot of time publishing.

Great for AdSense, or Physical Product Affiliates

Whether you’re using Amazon or not, you can still use this tool to get your product reviews up easier. And from my experience in AdSense, though it’s not my “thing” anymore, product pages have a higher CTR than non-product pages. People are more in a buying and clicking mood with these pages.

Other Tools To Consider

Affilate Product Dominator is a solid tool, but it’s not really designed to be another Reviewazon, or WP Robot or anything like that.

These are truly autoblogger tools, and for the life of me, I’m not sure how well those websites rank after Google’s recent algo change, it’s never been my thing to bother with.

BUT if you use those tools to make short work of your posts, then you have a lot of options. My favorites that I nearly bought before Affiliate Product Dominator came out were (and are):

1) WP Robot, possibly the top autoblog tool out there, has modules you can select so you can have the “Yahoo! Answers” module and “Amazon” modules if that’s all you want, there’s a screen to select what you want to use.

It’s expensive if you buy it all at once, but it’s also one of the top autoblog tools on the market – you can use it for research purposes or straight autoblogging.

I first saw this when I was new to the industry, and couldn’t convince my wife I needed it…it’s been on my mind ever since. Ah, well – if you plan on generating content or using a lot of it for research, this is a great tool to use with a lot of options, a la carte style.

2) Reviewazon is another tool to consider – and I have to admit it does whet my appetite for trying to save time. Right now I’ve bought a few tools and holding out for SENukeX possibly…

Actually I’ve bought a few tools lately – so sooner or later I’ll probably buy Reviewazon, but not quite sure since APD is doing all I need (and APD is much cheaper).

But if you wanted more of a Cadillac and wanted to check out a fatty discount on Reviewazon, use my links and YES it takes you to a “Chris Guthrie” special – but you know what? You save $27 on the purchase, so I couldn’t resist.

Chris has his own take on making money with Amazon, I’ve never read it. Anyhow, to get your discount (thanks, Chris), follow the directions on the sales page.

Normally Reviewazon is $79 but this special gets it to you for $52 or so. Get Reviewazon here, save $27.

3) AutoPress is another one from Edwin and this one actually can build an affiliate site with different affiliate programs auto-linked – CJ, Amazon, Clickbank – a few others.

Just knowing Edwin’s capabilities with APD, I’m sure it’s a solid tool – and besides WP Robot, this is a fully-fleshed-out autoblog tool for just about anyone (it’s cheaper than WP Robot).

What if You Don’t Have These Tools?

No worries – then build great content using every tool you do have. These tools are a luxury item in a lot of ways – but so is a laptop computer. :)

If I didn’t have APD, I’d get 1/10 the amount of research done in the time it takes me now, but that’s not the same thing as saying, “You can’t make it without it,” because you can. It just takes longer.

You DO NOT need the tool if you’re quick and getting results you’re happy with – but for me it’s a huge time savings, and I don’t need to outsource content (that’s coming later, though).

If you want the tool at a discount, all my links on this page (the images as well) are linked to a discount page. The tool normally sells at $29.99 as I write this, my discount is $5 but hey!

That’s a job on Fiverr… :)

From using Affiliate Product Dominator for the past week, I can tell you I’m not returning it – it does come with a 90 day money-back guarantee, but I don’t think this is the sort of tool you let go of if you’re in this for the long haul.

Just my two cents – it’s 5 stars out of 5, for the value it’s added to my business, the low price and the great research.


Get Your Discounted Affiliat Product Dominator Here