Make Money Online And Don’t Pay A Dime sounds like an e-book, right? It ain’t – just my “how to make money on a budget” advice to someone who asked me. This is my “Newbie Orientation to MMO” of sorts…Spread it around, would ya?

This is a conversation I had on Facebook with someone not into IM (yet) – and her story grabbed me. I’ve edited only barely. Why am I posting a Facebook conversation?

This business we’re in has a million sharks in it, and the newbies are shark-bait. Rather than helping, a lot of people try to make the case that

This affiliate product of mine is a must buy, you won’t get anywhere unless you buy this product, with this link -

…and in exchange I’ll give you some FREE scraped EzineArticles that I found 2 years ago…But I spun them, so I think you can still read them…

Of course, the PLR content is “valued” at $1,797.37″ BUT you get it FREE IF you act in the next 3 Picoseconds…

Darn. Price just went up. Gotta be fast, those Picoseconds will get ya every time…

You know the game. Here’s the conversation, enjoy, and yes. It’s a long one. This is part one of … I dunno, several parts. Before continuing, I have written newbie-oriented posts on where to get started at I have a keyword series as well as a basic SEO series, and I cover tips that you might have overlooked no matter where you are in this game.

Check out “JamestheJust” at, and my free ebook can be found there if you want to get started making money with your own website: – wrote my heart out. It’s free. Grab it if you need to.


Long ago and far away (OK, right here on FB) you mentioned you use WP for “all” your websites. I kinda wondered how many websites a guy could have. But that was before I read about making money from websites.

Caught your post yesterday about this Michelle person who made a thousand bucks a month from it and it got my wheels spinning. I’m a single mother, injured and unable to go back to work … but I can sit … at my laptop. You can see why internet marketing is interests me.

At this point my wheels were spinnin’ – and it got better:

What I’m hoping you can tell me is the link to a solid, no nonsense, no need to purchase anything STEP ONE guide to getting into this area.

We’ll call her Janet. . .

I was so taken by Janet’s question – and how to answer it – that I began asking around.

I asked Tracey Edwards, who was kind enough to post about it, Can An Experienced Internet Marketer Really Teach A Newbie and the following post after that. Before I read that, here was my off-the-cuff response to this friend of mine:

Janet -

If you go to my blog you’ll see a link to a guy named “Dave” – he’s got a 13k word post on making money with Amazon, and his girlfriend uses HubPages and I think other web 2.0 properties to make money. . .

His link is “Dave’s FREE Amazon” guide, right above the Amazonian Profit Plan link, which is a good guide that teaches a lot about competitive analysis, etc. – all you need for it.

This book’s worth the $97, but begin with Dave’s first, or see Paula and Wanda’s blog on affiliate marketing (authors of the Amazonian Profit Plan).

There are a number of resources I’d like to share with you – one that taught me a lot (though I started with the “John XFactor” book off the bat) was this blog from a guy that inspired me, Michelle and a number of people on my blog roll:

Mike Iser’s Tips

It covers a lot of topics, and if you scroll down you will see the “how I build my Adsense sniper sites beginning to end” – along with various sources to select keywords, etc.

There is also a free toolbar I’d get immediately, SEO for Firefox from training videos are free from Aaron Wall, a top SEO in the industry (my second interview was with him) – this tool will help give you the analytics you need for seeing if a keyword is viable.

Also, on keywords, I wrote a 2-part tutorial of sorts on HubPages – it’s 1/2 rant and 1/2 tutorial:

Best Keyword Research Tool Part I of II

You do not need to buy a single tool for keywords. I cover a process in there, a basic one that works – to get going with keyword research.

Learn that (keyword research) as it is square one, Mike Iser talks about keywords in the post I showed you up top – it’s very good information, but there’s more to the story.

I am currently involved in writing a blog with people like you in mind, too – one that begins at square one, going over SEO from square one. It’s still being written (an Elance job with a fellow IMer) – will keep you posted. . .

[Note, this is the link in the top right, not "my blog" but was working on it.]

A “definitive” guide can be found from PotPieGirl – she wrote “The DAM Way” (beaver dam) and “Squidoo for Newbies” or something like that – both in my sidebar, and I wish I had both when I first got started.

Lastly, to learn the basics of making money online – “THE” definitive guide (which is often referenced but I haven’t read it – I was already making money online):

Grizzly’s blog. It’s long. It will take 2 days to read through, BUT he knows his stuff, inspired thousands I’d say, and that is known as “THE” guide for AdSense monetization (again, I started out on the paid-for eBooks from day one, and if you had money I’d commend them to you).

I personally have read very little of it – but it’s so talked about that I have to say it’s got to be worth the read.

Make Money For Beginners Edit: Now some joker owns Griz’s first, monumental site…I highly DO NOT recommend going there. It’s a joke. Instead, go here:

How To Make Money Online With Griz

Some of the info is dated, and I’ll have to say a word of caution:

1) Do NOT ever get into a “link farm.” It’s a spammy thing to do, Google shuts people down, de-indexes, it ain’t good.

2) Do NOT think you need to buy any software – YES I sell software, to people who operate on a good level and want to scale it up – you don’t need a single subscription, you don’t need to pay out a red cent except for your websites.

3) Do NOT get caught with all the shortcut spammy methods. The two most popular are blog “commenting” software and forum profile spam – just my two cents, I think it can bite you later. . .

For backlinks, it is sufficient to get into article marketing, and read this hub on using ComLuv – a free service where you can find ComLuv enabled blogs and comment.

This is how I got 1200+ backlinks in a month (lots of fun, genuine commenting) and it will leave a link to your blog with the title of your recent post. It builds community, gets you traffic, and increases your “link popularity.”

Promotion Using ComLuv

That’s not mine – it’s really good though!

And I wrote this hub on Hubpages, among others:
Free Backlink Resources

These cover ways to get your backlinks – the off-page SEO factors that Google counts as “votes” as it were. You need diverse backlinks, nofollow and dofollow, high PageRank and no PageRank. . .


You don’t have to pay a dime.

You don’t have to pay for keyword research.

You don’t have to pay for competitive analysis, or on-page and off-page SEO, SEO for your sites – my sidebar has free tools, especially SEO PowerSuite – Free SEO Suite. That is more than plenty, and I wish I had it when I first started.

See my Hubpage for example (no means definitive):

“Finding Low Compete Keywords With FREE Tools” (Keywords Part II of II)

You don’t have to pay for backlinks. See my Hubs.

“Where Can I Get Good Backlinks?”

“Free Backlinks Resources”

You don’t have to pay to get spot #1 in Google. Believe it or not, you don’t!

When you *CAN* or once you’re in a position for that, these tools make scaling up your business easy and keep you competitive, but they’re not necessary to start earning money.

We can continue the conversation at my blog or here – feel free to ask anything.

I will tell you up front the people I trust most online, valuable resources, are all in my blog roll and the “Blogs the Flip My Lid” is full of good resources.

Where to from here?

Learn on-page and off-page SEO.

On page SEO: the meta data, in WordPress using a plugin called “Ultimate SEO” beats the pants off of “All in One SEO” and I wish I found it earlier. It will give you the ability to easily write your meta descriptions per post.

Including your title tags.

Download this Free SEO Tutorial.

Also: WP H1′s your titles for posts in most themes – good stuff.

Use headers with your keywords, and try to optimize for no more than 2 a page (meaning density-wise).

Why only 1-2? Bing will rank you higher and sends good buying traffic – though not much compared to Google – but it’s now the search engine of Yahoo! too.

So: 1-2 keywords that you are actively optimizing for = good times. This is my own method, but it works – though you can add in “LSI” terms and a small bit of other keywords, but density-wise keep it to 1-2 main keywords.

Also – shoot for 1-2% density of your keyword phrase, more is spammy, less may not register.

If you have any images, use your keywords in the “Alt” tags and descriptions, same with videos…

Send in your Sitemap to the SE’s…

“Nofollow” all your affiliate links…Man. Yeah, just download the tutorials from SEOPowerSuite and SEOBook, use SEO Ultimate as a free plugin (I just discovered it not long ago), you’re on your way.

2) Get a handle on where to get backlinks – for free. See my Hubs:

Where Can I Get Good Backlinks?

FREE Backlink Resources

3) DO get the information from PotPieGirl from my blogthey’re free books, and Jennifer is a success story using FREE websites you can build on Squidoo.

Free Money Making Guide Using Free Resources

Free How To Make Money With Squidoo Guide

You can do that on HubPages, too, though they are a bit different.

To make the most money? Make your own self-hosted sites. No sense in splitting the costs with the host, though affiliate links are not shared revenue on HubPages, Blogger or Squidoo (I don’t think).

4) I’m on JustHost and 1&1 for my Domain Name Server and Hosting – they’re cheap and I love them, have given me great service so far.

Bbut everyone swears by HostGator - they allow for different C-Class IP’s in your “reseller account…”

(You can basically sell their hosting as an affiliate that way, and get more use out of your own account.)

Later on, you might wish you had different C-Class IPs. I sure do. Why? Because you can backlink your own sites. If Google sees you get 100% or tons of backlinks to your own sites on the same C-Class IP, then those links will be less valuable.

Also, it covers your tracks from other IMers.

I’ll tell you this, too:

DO NOT show your sites to anyone.

Why? They’ll steal all your keywords, and rob your rankings. It’s a hard lesson I had to learn early.

To be continued…

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