Free software – LastPass – ever heard of it? No? Probably because you’ve heard of “Roboform” instead. Both are designed for the same end in mind: password security, identity protection, and to protect against that special breed of primordial ooze: hackers. Why LastPass? What’s this doing on my blog?

Oh, really quick – if you click that handy clipped picture there, you will be taken to their site – no I’m not a affiliate – and there are some really informative videos on there. Love it. Just call me “Webmaster J Deezy.” Balla.

I’m talking about LastPass for a couple of reasons. First, I’ve been hacked again. It’s a bad habit, hard to break. Finally got fed up enough to look into password protection, but didn’t want to go with Roboform’s 12-day trial only to find out I need to pay the $34 or whatever it is to continue, and the $10 here, $9 there approach – it’s much more than merely $34.

Did I mention that LastPass is free? Sure, you can upgrade for the very expensive…what – $1 a month!...and yes they charge you “all at once” (it is an annual fee of $12).

But you don’t have to upgrade – you need the upgrade only if you have to sync your mobile devices, otherwise you get jam-packed features that I’m too lazy to describe. Took pictures instead. Here’s a short explanation of why I went with LastPass (after the list of features):

LastPass Password Security Features List

LastPass features list continued

When I Knew I Needed LastPass

It was a dark and stormy night…the peals of thunder and odious interruptions of blinding, angry bolts of lightning reminded me that I was but a mere gnat in the wide, cruel world of the Google index…

No one was home. The hairs on the back of my unshaven neck were all standing at attention, reminding me that I could use a haircut…

…I tried logging into several sites including my hosting account but something was out of place – things were going pretty slow…

Suddenly, in concert with a peal of thunder and my retinas still recovering from the bolt of summer lightning, my screen froze and I realized something was wrong! Dead wrong.

…out of nowhere, a masked stranger jumped on top of my desk, obviously looking for a job as a lumberjack who plays hockey…he fired up the chainsaw, and I told him I was not a tree hugger though I was from California…he left, confused.

Then: my host gave me the message that they had detected a Brute Force attack.

Fun. Marvelous. Champagne, anyone? My password was being hacked – and it was! They got access to an email account, my host CPanel, my FTTP client, and 3 of my websites.

What I needed was password protection, at least. (And a deadbolt to keep Jason out, apparently.)

Firefox stores all of my passwords for me, auto-fills and everything. I actually like that – especially when you’re sending out tons of articles for article marketing and use various email accounts for clients, etc. LastPass put me on lockdown.

Why LastPass and not Roboform?

Read why LastPass is a good idea here. That’s right from the horse’s mouth.

But why not Roboform, the industry standard? A few reasons:

  1. I do not like how Robofrom nickels and dimes you to death, for every incremental upgrade.
  2. I do not want to pay for something I can get 100% free – Roboform only allows a 12-day trial.
  3. The price for an upgrade is $34 vs. LastPass is $12 annually.

I may wish I was part of the Roboform affiliate program, but honestly why not use LastPass instead? I can auto-fill my author’s login across many sites, store my passwords and secure notes, and just need to remember my LastPass password just in case.

Before you shell out the money for Roboform, try out LastPass:

LastPass download Here Free

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