This worked so well on Black Friday (I’m kidding) that I figured I’d do another go. I won’t keep posting, but hate to pass up a good sale (I wish I’d seen this last year before I bought average hosting packages). This time, you can have 50% off of everything at HostGator, but only for new customers.

If you’re already with Hostgator, I’d say the best way to get their deals is to become an affiliate. That way you get the good deals, and the skinny on the specials. It’s the secret to their success, methinks. Anyhow – I’ve decided to extend the special bonus I was running.
Cyber Monday Hostgator
Here it is:

Buy through my links, and I’ll give you spun, unique articles

I will even submit it for you if need be to ArticleRanks, UAW (I’m signing back up) and Article Marketing Robot (Um…which now stands at a hefty 2100+ article directories, proud to say!). No added fee or what not, just a great time to save with hosting fees.

This bonus is further clarified below. Note: to get this bonus, you will need to buy at least the 1 year plan as a Hatchling, the bare-minimum is month-to-month, but I can’t give a bonus for that level. (Sorry, it needs to be profitable for me.)

Hostgator’s special runs on Monday only, from 12am to 11:59pm Central Standard Time. Only for new customers to Hostgator, otherwise, feel free to buy from me anyway!


Special Bonus for Hostgator Annual Purchases

One Year Bonus
If you buy 1 year of hosting from me, I’ll give you 2 spun articles, blasted through my networks (ArticleRanks, UAW again and AMR). I’ll write it, spin and submit it, you give me the list of links, 2 links per article (I can spin as many as it takes).

Two Year Bonus
Buy 2 years of hosting using my links, I’ll give you 5 spun articles, distributed through 3 networks described above (AR, UAW, ARM). These are unique, legible, 400-500 word articles.

Three Year Bonus
Buy 3 years of hosting using my links, I’ll give you 10 spun articles, distributed as described.

This applies to the first 15 people only, since I’m now going nuts with this bonus thing.

If you buy more than the above, please email me and we can talk about other backlinks or content as a bonus for the sale.

Whether you’re new to Hostgator or not, this bonus will apply to the first 15 people who buy from me using my links on Hostgator hosting. Thanks again.

By the way, all those who have purchased hosting through my links, please email me at James AT TheAverageGenius DOT net to discuss the keywords and URLs. (I’ll upgrade your bonus to the above, it’s only fair!)

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