Not sure where to go with this but tell you what: I’m about to simply shut this blog down and keep mum while earning my living. What I’ve found with my website that’s now NOT earning my living is that someone had the bright idea of simply using a cloning technique (the WP Twin plugin, maybe?) to copy my site and then re-write my content.

Edit: WP Twin can’t be used on other websites. Sorry about the misinformation on that note.

Essentially I found someone who took my place in Google by simply rewriting my site: oh, they used my images and copied my affiliate program to boot – but the layout and images, the theme and overall site navigation: all 100% (OK, 95%) my site.

Thank you, Google, for taking the time to allow the great Panda Update to totally jack me.

Why do I suspect Panda? Simple: I found 10 pages at least of web content of mine strewn about the net – and that means someone subscribed to my RSS feed because you can’t copy my content thanks to a plugin I have installed…so this particular savage decided to subscribe, copy my content (entire site – maybe using the page source from the browser), get my theme and go to town.

This same person (I suspect) used the content to publish all over the internet, then reported me for dupe content.

And that, folks, is how easy it is to not only take #1-10 rankings from your competition, but to rank with no backlinks showing?!

To the joker who had the audacity (and intelligence + lack of an ethical backbone) to sabotage me, hat’s off to you. To Google’s so-called “webspam team” and “search quality team” – Is this quality? Is this the goal? Reward content scrapers and scrap the honest businesses?

You Know What To Do

Thanks to Google’s “new and improved algorithm,” you don’t have to research, folks. Not at all. Just check out the top 10 competitors, find one that’s ranking and making a potential living, then copy and paste everything.

Just copy the content from the website, or use WP Twin (I think you can do that, I don’t know for sure since I don’t own it, didn’t see the point of it)…

I mean: images, videos, affiliate links (make sure they’re your own of course)…

Rewrite the content, of course! Silly rabbit…


Oh! Don’t forget to file a complaint with Google’s ever-vigilant “webspam team” since we know Matt Cutts is on top of things, or is it Larry Page himself? Not sure – either way, thanks to a purely automated and JACKED UP SEARCH ENGINE, you can take anyone out.

Who needs to research?

Just rewrite! Google = the rewrite engine. No backlinks needed. Done.


Hey, Google – epic fail.

Update 8/30/2011:
My rankings on the site in question have returned with a vengeance about a month after publishing this post. Looking back on the matter, it’s pretty clear Google was doing several things.

They were running a new version of Panda, and updating PageRank. In the interim, I wound up making several improvements to the site and wound up with more PageRank and better rankings than I had previously.

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