OK, here’s an experiment. I want to drum up some business for my e-book, Duct Tape SEO. Books don’t sell themselves, so I want to see if I can get the ball rolling with viral traffic.

I’m using the “Pay With a Tweet” button to get some social votes for my Duct Tape SEO page.The Unfair Advantage A Professional Traffic Strategy

What do you get in return? A free report I just spent the last 72 hours on, called The Unfair Advantage.

What is The Unfair Advantage?

It’s a traffic generation strategy that fits in nicely with Duct Tape SEO – low on budget but high on impact.

It’s called ‘The Unfair Advantage’ for a reason, and I almost didn’t give this one away after I was done. I was really kicking myself for writing 54 pages when I only meant to go for 20 or so – then I wanted to sell it.

But I’m happy with the outcome – and if I’m giving away a free report, it should be premium-value content so I know I’m on the right track. ¬†Translation: I’ll take your Tweets as social currency, but I could have sold this book.

If you’d like to get it, help me out with a little social love for Duct Tape SEO, and it’s yours.

See the page I’ve created¬†for the free book. It’s 54 pages of solid content, with internal bookmarks so you can navigate easily.

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