If you’re wondering if Article Marketing Robot works before you buy it, or if you’re looking for a new tool to help with indexing or helping a website to rank, I wrote this for you…

Recently I’ve been having a heckuva time with ranking a certain web property – because of the nature of my linking efforts and the property being a web 2.0 site, I won’t say what property it is (getting paranoid). When it was first published, it was at #189 for the main term.

That was fine…but screwy. Usually my keywords are pretty easy to rank for (I’ve used Micro Niche Finder this year for a majority of my research – but not this time: did it by hand). So when I publish something and it starts out on page 18 or 19 it’s surprising.

Then I hit it with ArticleRanks (just one article so far), EzineArticles, ArticlesBase (2 each, cross-posted so it’s the same article)…no real movement.

I pinged the web 2.0 property in question… Pinged the articles… (Used Bookmarking Demon’s ping list: you put in your own list, which is cool.)

Nuttin’, honey. I started using Article Marketing Robot gingerly – just dipping my toe in the water: 10 articles a day. The first week was like that.

Gradually I stepped it up. 15 articles…20…25…

Until, by the third week – I was hitting it twice a day (this was on a weekend): 25 then 40 then 50 at a time.

That’s the trouble with Article Marketing Robot – it has 1877 article directories now!

I’m impatient. I blasted the remaining 600+ directories when I noticed that there were NO backlinks recorded ANYWHERE (I use SEO Spyglass, Yahoo! Site Explorer, Web SEO Analytics and some random others).

Ugh! I’m on page FIFTY. I almost cried. Sometimes you just need to, ya know?

Anyway – I figured, at PAGE FIFTY I didn’t have much to lose. It’s not like I was making any sales anyway. I let ‘er rip and hit up 600+ directories in a day (and I plan to follow up with a blast from Magic Article Submitter in about a week – another 1k or so).

The next day I was on pages 2-4 for the 7 terms I targeted.

Boo. Ya.

There are other things I’m doing – blog commenting, for one, and I’ll post about that soon. Pretty cool results from that, hopefully I can tell you how to get the same results (I amaze myself sometimes, although I might bore you to tears).

I also just fired up Bookmarking Demon again – it’s been a while, since I THRASHED my other PC using it when I was still really wet behind the ears and had no idea what I was doing with it. I downloaded a Trojan that was actually a Spartan who took my PC and said:

This is SPARTA!

Then he drop-kicked my PC into oblivion and my computer tech buddy from church said, “That Trojan looked like a Spartan, he kicked your PC into oblivion.” That’s how I know it was a confused Trojan, for the record.

The point is that I didn’t know I needed an anti-virus to run Bookmarking Demon, or didn’t care, I forget which. I learned that lesson the hard way. I also used to think BMD was really confusing – and it is – but now I know a little more of what I’m doing.

I think.

So I’ve fired up big red again and fell back in love with her – that’s the other thing I’m doing for links (although I haven’t used it for much else than creating new accounts so I CAN use it).

The confusing thing about article marketing is – I still don’t see ANY of my articles in YSE, not EzineArticles, ArticlesBase, nothin’.

I don’t care, though, because I can find my EZA and AB articles in Google searches, so I know they’re there, and I’ve pinged them using my ping list in BMD, and linked back to them in my Article Marketing Robot blast. My results make me want to say -

Get Article Marketing Robot

Seriously, that thing is a link beast on steroids with a fat, red cape flapping behind it.

Charging Minotaur

It works, but I don’t understand the correlation between my site’s rankings, and the utter lack of ANY article backlinks showing up (I’ve submitted over a thousand articles and have used ArticleRanks…and now I’m ranking for the most competitive terms I’ve ever targeted for myself.)

If I just looked at the number of backlinks, I’d be left thinking AMR and AR don’t work – and I think that’s what makes the least sense in all of this. But I don’t build links to have a record of tons of links – I build them to rank.

From every experiment I’ve conducted with AMR, I can tell you that article marketing ain’t dead, folks.

If article marketing is dead, I’m Bruce Lee.

Let’s fight.

(OK, just don’t actually HIT me. Or kick, throw or otherwise hurt me. In fact, let’s NOT fight, because I’m NOT Bruce Lee – and article marketing is as dead as Rock n Roll, Hip Hop or Polka…)

>> Polka is NOT dead…in case you’re wondering. <<

Onto another matter entirely -

Note on My Blogging Frequency

Recently, Dave mentioned (from Making Money on the Internet Free) he was not going to blog until the New Year’s. I wanted to follow in suit, I think it’s safe to say I need more passive income and blogging here is more out of enjoyment than out of profit.

So, the blogging frequency here is going to go way down – take note that I’m still around, but with holidays, a family trip to my mom’s back to California in…a DAY…and the utter lack of time – I have to put more time in my passive and active income plans.

I’m not sure I can say, “See ya next year,” I have a couple of other posts I need to do (like follow up on my newbie’s ebook’s “release” so to speak) but note, I won’t be here tons for the rest of the year (I think).

I do want to follow up with a blog comment list of tips that I’ve been seeing some good results with, and I’m debating what tool to use to do that with (it would save a lot of time if I could use a solid URL harvester and manually do blog commenting with it, more on that in a future post).

Until then, I’ll be writing, linking and ranking – hopefully selling!

My Three Tool Recommendations From This Post:

Bookmarking Demon
Article Marketing Robot

P.S.: Did I tell you the story of how this one site jumped 500 spots up the SERPs from THREE articles? Only ONE was spun…that’s not a ton of writing…just sayin’.

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