I’d be a monkey’s uncle if CommentLuv Premium isn’t one of the best ways to get backlinks to your affiliate website (or any site really).  I’ve talked about it at my CommentLuv Premium Review, and more at my CommentLuv Premium Strategy.  I like it so much that I’m giving away a copy.

Benefits of CommentLuv Premium

First of all, if you don’t know what the plugin is capable of – please read my review and strategy pages.  But briefly let me describe the big points that convinced me to buy it.

Create Easy Backlinks to Targeted Pages in Minutes

That about sums up the reason an affiliate marketer or niche marketer would want to install this…but there are other benefits, too.

  • Provide Incentives for Social Sharing of your Content
  • Make Spam Fighting Much Easier
  • Track Your Clickthru’s of Comments You Leave
  • Get Anchor-Text-Rich Backlinks Where Comments are Encouraged
  • Did I Mention the EASY Backlinks Part?
  • Get Easy Backlinks
  • Read that Again.  Just Sayin’.

Why You Should Enter This Contest

I won’t repeat myself by saying you can get easy backlinks since it may become obnoxious, but as a marketer that was a huge plus for me.

For bloggers, the increased social activity from legitimate commentators and social sharing is a definite bonus (like here at The Average Genius I’m giving DoFollow links for those who Tweet/+1/Like my content in the comments section – I just changed it to include ‘tweets’ as well)…

But why should you or anyone enter the contest?

Entering this contest puts you on Santa’s “Good Kids” list – who knows?  You might just get a Kindle Fire from St. Nick.

Mrs. Claus


(That was random.)

The real reason is that this plugin is still unavailable for the general public.  There was a 7-day sale and sorry if you missed that opportunity, but I can give one lucky reader a free copy of the premium CommentLuv plugin, and that’s at least a savings of $97 (still not sure if it’s going to be more than that, but it’s at least going to be $97 and worth it IMHO).

How Do I Enter to Win?

This is something that’s dead easy to do, and I only have a low-tech way of doing it.

What I mean is, after you do the following (you only need to do one of the following, but those doing more will get more entries – winner will be randomly selected using software), leave your entry URLs as a comment below.

If you’d rather, you can send me a message via the contact form (see the header navigation).

Every entry is manually reviewed by me and my wife for legitimacy, and falsifications will be automatically disqualified.

To get one entry:

  • Tweet this post: 1 entry per Tweet, max of 3 entries.
  • Like this post on Facebook: 1 entry max
  • +1 this post: 1 entry max – verified by “People who +1′d this”
  • Like this post on StumbleUpon: 1 entry max

To get two entries:

  • Share this post on Facebook: 2 entries max
  • Post this contest (with a link) to Google+: 2 entries maxmust share your post’s URL (use “link to this post” option in G+)
  • Amplify OR Ping.fm this post (using Amplify.com or Ping.fm naturally): 2 entries max
  • Use any “get 1 entry” activities to share my Duct Tape SEO URL – http://DuctTapeSEO.net

To get three entries:

  • Do any “get 2 entries” activity to share my Duct Tape SEO URL – http://DuctTapeSEO.net

To get a bonus of 3 more entries:

  • Write a blog post about SEO, WordPress, web traffic, internet marketing or making money online and link to my Duct Tape SEO URL in the content.  Use anchor text that makes sense (like WordPress SEO, or your choosing).* Max of 3 more bonus entries.
  • You can also become an affiliate of the book and use your affiliate link from e-Junkie as your link in your post.  Get it here and earn 50% of the sale.

To get a bonus of 5 more entries:

  • Do all the above, max of 5 bonus entries.

You can accumulate your entries up to the max of each – and remember to either send me an email so I can verify these things or leave your URL of the activity below in the comment section.

*If you would rather use your Facebook “Notes” section to leave a note with a LINK to my sales page at DuctTapeSEO.net – that is also acceptable for 3 more bonus entries.

No Fake Social Accounts Pls

I’d rather not get a bunch of links from people’s junk accounts – so to qualify, your Twitter must not be just an egg picture with 20 or fewer followers.  Minimum of 20 followers with an actual profile picture.

Facebook must not just be a fake account with no friends – minimum of 20 friends.

Google+ accounts need to have at least a minimum of 20 who have you in their circles.

StumbleUpon – minimum of 10 followers.  I’m not that strict on StumbleUpon because once you create a Su.Pr link it becomes part of the SU eco-system…so 10 followers at least.

As for blogs – I don’t really care that much about where you post your article: I just don’t want pure junk MFA blogs.  The blog minimum is that your blog must be indexed in Google.

That’s pretty much it – do me a favor and tell some people about this contest?  Thanks a ton.

Contest Deadline

Get your entries in by November 5th, winner will be announced on November 6th since the 5th I’ll be playing with my kids (my oldest son’s turning 12).  That gives about 21 days – which should be plenty of time.

BTW, the graphical coolness of this post supplied by my new Flexsqueeze theme.  (Oh, yeah, baby!)

Thanks again for dropping by – I’m interested to see who gets on board this thing!

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