Backlink analysis tools are one of those “necessary evils” to conducting a proper SEO campaign, or competing in search. It was true before Google launched the Penguin update but because of Penguin and the way Google shifted the way they rank websites, I’ve found backlink analysis absolutely critical to learning the “new rules” to SEO.

Rather than take everyone’s ill-gotten advice about what ranks and why, actually analyzing the SEO campaign of your ranking competitors remains a hallmark of search engine optimization, and that’s where cognitiveSEO shines.

While it doesn’t perform on-page analysis for you (there are plenty of tools for that), it will perform thorough backlink analysis.

But instead of my usual format, I’ve created some videos to talk about this powerhouse suite of tools I’d call a necessity in today’s uncertain climate. If you’re as confused as I was about Google’s “new rules for SEO” then I’d suggest you watch these videos and take the tool for a spin for 14 days yourself.

Why Not Just Use…(Insert Tool)?

This isn’t my only backlink analysis tool – I’ve used Market Samurai and SEO SpyGlass for this work as well. The trouble with Market Samurai is that it only allows you to check 1,000 backlinks, and the data is based on MajesticSEO.

No offense to Majestic, but it’s a known fact that the data is polluted with too many dead links. They don’t filter well. Getting only 1,000 backlinks to analyze and not knowing how well the data is “scrubbed” means Market Samurai isn’t the best at this sort of analysis.

If you think I’m not being fair, I tested it on my own sites (the ones not ranking). What I found was the link analysis provided from MS was sub-standard and led me to believe my unranked websites are just fine, with plenty of diverse links. I know this isn’t true, however.

The data is simply not reliable enough to make a business decision.

SEO Spyglass is without a doubt the best desktop link analysis tool there is. But even it has its issues – such as Majestic’s problem of not scrubbing link data. You get too many polluted links, and no way to tell which are dead and which aren’t (unless you visit the links).

But honestly the “dead link” problem doesn’t seem as bad in SEO Spyglass as it does in Majestic’s data. The real problem with SEO Spyglass is speed. There is currently no way to increase its speed, since it relies on Java.

I should know, I’ve ran the tool for nearly a week a few times and asked the developers what the problem was…

They mentioned they plan on updating the software to deal with this issue, but computing speed is currently limited to 700 MB of RAM, meaning it can take forever to analyze websites with huge link profiles (unless you toy with the settings, but even then I had issues on certain projects).

I’m not complaining about Market Samurai or SEO Spyglass. But for backlink analysis, I found cognitiveSEO to be without equal for reasons stated in the videos.

And yes you’ll need to weigh more than backlinks when doing competitive analysis. But when it comes to this side of your market research, this is the tool for the job.

The first video below shows how to get set up, the second video dives into the “One-Time Snapshot” link analysis report.

Setting Up the Link Analysis Report

Review of the Link Analysis Report

Sign Up Here

Here is a link for the 14-day trial. Use their “demo” campaign to see in person what I was illustrating in the second video above.

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Any Questions?

Leave a comment below or if you have my email, shoot me one! This tool does much more than I mentioned, but I’ve only used it for the one-time link analysis and will try to answer your questions as best I can.

Need the report but don’t want to sign up? Hire me for the report (the “lite” report on my services page).

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