Though I’ve only been a customer a short while with BuildMyRank, I’ve had some testing going on I wanted to report on since it’s pretty jaw-dropping for me.  I was pretty skeptical, especially since it’s “just another” blog network, right? So I decided to test the 10 free links they give you to try it out.

I mean, how big a deal could those 10 links be? Note: I can’t guarantee your results will approximate mine, but personally I didn’t expect these results and tend to think others can see similar, if not identical, results.

Translation: I’m not promising my results in your tests – but for me this was a nice surprise.

My BuildMyRank Test

First what I did was laid out content and site architecture so my content was more likely to rank. I like a solid foundation so that’s where I started (following my Duct Tape SEO WordPress SEO plan).

I have a new site with around 20 pages or so of content, around half being reviews following my Commission Junction Profit Plan ideas.

Time wasn’t on my side, still isn’t – but I have enough ranking in the top positions (above the fold in Google) that I won’t “miss out” this Black Friday (so I’m hoping anyway!).

What I was doing was planning on hitting my pages in a systematic fashion.

I’d built about 20 pages of reviews to rank between two main websites in a related niche, and I’d just build links in a specific order…

My Mistake with BuildMyRank and Black Friday

I’d like to say this was scientific and intelligent on my part – but it was more anal-retentive than anything. What I did was pick popular products and some longshots based on hunches.

That wasn’t my mistake, though – BTW, what I mean is I reviewed “proven winners” and a number of “lucky horses” based on past performance – those are the longshots (no proven track record: they’re new products).

I made 2 mistakes (at least) with this experiment…Not to mention this isn’t the time of year for “experiments” in SEO, but that would make 3 mistakes, wouldn’t it?

Mistake 1: Link-Building the Path of Most Resistance First

My mistake was targeting the most difficult, most popular term first.

This isn’t the right way to prioritize link-building before a major shopping holiday: it’s backwards.

Especially considering this page wound up landing at #257 in Google when I published it: I should’ve started with other pages in the top 10 already and moved on from there.

It’s a give and take, though: pages starting off in the back pages of Google are usually popular, competitive terms. Pages that start off high get less traffic…

An argument could be made that targeting the tougher term was better, but I like to go for a winning page first that converts. The tough terms can come later.

Still, I feel it was a mistake doing things this way: I should have used my Snow Ball SEO approach. What I mean is start off linking to those terms you know you can take first by virtue of being one of the first to review the product…

And yes: I realize this isn’t something I talk about a lot, but it’s a competitive advantage I aim for when I’m really aiming for the top.

I get a drop on my competitors by knowing what is going to sell (a hunch and mad research), then get there first.

The momentum of taking several top spots in Google is both profitable and an adrenalizing, motivating rush, pushing you on to your future wins when the going gets tougher.

Like I said: I didn’t do the Snow Ball SEO here, I did the hard term first (with my 10 free links no less).

Mistake 2: 1 Man Vs 20 Pages = Man Loses Every Time

This is a genuinely bad idea when you’re a 1-man show. Lame city:

I built 20 pages to rank and only had time to rank a few.

20 pages to rank is about 4 times more than I can handle on a tight schedule, and I “know better” thanks to the Amazonian Profit Plan (so you’d think, if you’ve read it: write 5 pages of content, then STOP and backlink/rank them).

It’s the same advice I gave in my own book, Duct Tape SEO, but feeling the pressure to write more content on my websites, I went long on content.

Problem: I don’t outsource.

I’m building my own links – and sure I could’ve spun a couple of articles with The Best Spinner and just hit up Article Marketing Robot and ArticleRanks like old times.

But I’m pretty methodical as it is.

Once I have a plan, I’ll stick to it. More on that as I get more results to report on, but part of my plan was to use BuildMyRank to test a few of my newer URLs.

I used a site that had some pretty competitive longtails – and yes: they’re longtails. But these are pretty competitive (for longtail keywords) and I’m entering the market late on the terms in question.

On one in particular that I hit using my 10 free links only from BuildMyRank:

I went from #257 with no external links, to #10 in less than a week.

The keyword has settled at #15 currently, but I wanted to see what those 10 free links would do.

I did no indexing, and actually didn’t have a ton of hope this URL would be a player for this holiday season (it’s one of those keywords that everyone in my niche ‘knows’ and targets, it’s a solid product and gets decent traffic).

My exact expression was something like:

My BuildMyRank Results

Um, yeah – I’ll take that BMR subscription. :)

Actually I signed up before I saw any movement at all: I knew it would work, but was pretty sure this keyword was a lost cause for this much upward movement in such a short time: glad I was wrong.

Overall it took about 5 days, I only built links on BMR for an hour or two then had an onslaught of other things to do (like installing MaxCDN, which I’m running this blog on & some other sites, starting my web 2.0 link building, and helping my wife and kids fight through the stomach flu for the 4th or 5th time this year).

Use Those 10 Free Links

I used to think they were just a “hook” and not to expect anything much from them – then again I do a lot of market research first and choose my battles smart to begin with.

So if you’re smart, you can make those 10 links do some serious damage. If you haven’t yet tried out BuildMyRank, it’s a keeper for sure.

Happy Thanksgiving

Yes I’m American and realize Canadians have already had theirs, the U.K. never has Thanksgiving, and thus ends my knowledge of global culture.

But I’ll pretend we’re neighbors since I’m upstairs in my office/kids’ playroom in Idaho, and it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow: so Happy Thanksgiving anyway.

Not sure I’ll be posting tons through the holidays but I have a few things I’d like to address here and there, I’ll be busy with my link building regimen:

Web 2.0 Links
CommentLuv Premium

Oh, and yes: the usual treatment if you’ve already read my link building guide. Everything in time.

Right now it’s about time for me to get back to it. Or see what I can help my wife with. :)

[In the meantime, did you get your 10 free links yet? I think I'm the last person to get on board.]

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