The Mayan Calendar ThingyLet’s take care of some serious business up front: first off, the world is supposed to end on December something or other (newsflash: it’s December). My wife says it was the 21st, since she’s off to an “end of the world” party with her sister that night.

12-21-12 – did the Mayans have something against palindromes? Not sure. I think they ran out of space on the boulder they were carving, and the chisel factory went on strike while the rock miners went on a bender.

But that’s just me. Keepin’ it real.

If you don’t have clean undies and some fresh water or somethin’…I dunno. Stock up or something (I’ll look for an affiliate link for undies and water if you’re really hankerin’).

On a more serious note, I’m now contributing to a colleague’s blog:

The Alameda Internet Marketing blog, run by one Ross Taylor. , here is my second.

(Should I be worried in case the Mayans meant 12/12/12 as the end of days? Hm…well: it’s the 12th now, so you better hurry up.)

And live a little – share my posts as if the end of time isn’t upon us…

Enough about the hogwash of rock calendars.

What I’ve Been Up To

Well it’s been an interesting year. By “interesting” I mean I’ve coasted much too long, and Google’s pet animals have taught me a thing or two about SEO: what works and what doesn’t, and honestly I learned time and again not to depend on Google traffic or at least to branch out into other sources of traffic.

I’ve linked to my intro post above at the AIM blog and besides introducing myself (which isn’t much of the post), I cover some pretty important SEO updates that you may or may not be aware of as far as Google’s changing guidelines. My suggestion is to read up on those changes.

Besides client work and literally sitting on my laurels (passive income has definitely made me a lazy, lazy bear), I’ve had some family adjustments to get used to.

No, my wife’s not expecting number 8 – but she is chasing a dream of hers and has returned to school more or less full time. That adjustment has been pretty big for me to make, I feel like Michael Keaton playing Mr. Mom.

Our oldest daughter is in school as well (both attending the same college), and frankly filling my wife’s shoes is big, heroic work. I have no idea how she’s managed all these years, and it’s been a rough adjustment.

Where I’m Headed

I’m going to be focusing more on my own projects and reporting my results and findings here, as I always have. I can’t say I’ll be posting frequently but I will be more regular.

To be perfectly honest, I struggle (always have) with a deep-seated melancholy, sometimes it crosses the line into full-bore manic depression but I’m not actually diagnosed with anything (not that I’ve seen a professional about my struggles, but if I were to give it a name I’d call me the nutty professor)…as a writer, that leaves me either crazily productive or huddled up in a ball and paralyzed.

I’ll let you guess where I’ve been lately (hmmm…hard to figure out), the truth is as a creative type, if my head isn’t screwed on tightly then I become the Grinch’s evil twin cousin and hole up for a good long spell.

So where I’m headed (trying to refocus here as I ramble on): less client work.

By that I mean I qualify my clients big-time. I’ve had a number of inquiries, but I don’t accept all the work that I can. And frankly I want to get back to passive income vs. client-focused work (unless I have the right client).

What I want to return to is more of my own site development and flipping those properties as they “ripen” as it were (only after a history of profitability for the best return on my time).

I’ve found it difficult to maintain a momentum with clients: more than half the battle in a services-focused industry is finding clients or rather: getting found in a saturated niche.

In SEO, “everyone’s an expert” supposedly; so often prices are set at the desperation level. Some nut learns to build and automate links and drives prices down for the rest of the talent pool. Or writers learn to outsource and edit well, then scale up operations to pennies per page.

All to say: no I’m not cheap but yes I’m worth it. The end result is I’m less busy but not less picky when it comes to working with people.

So if you’ve already signed up for my services, I’m looking forward to starting on your project. If not, and if I don’t get enough clients to justify my monthly expenses, then I’ll focus more on my own projects.

Either way, I’ve got some work cut out for me – and it’s a busy time of year.

If the blog looks quiet, and you listen closely – you might be able to hear me typing away here in Idaho at 76 WPM, but it’s for one of my other affiliate websites.

Thanks again for reading – and please drop by the AIM blog and say, “hello” in the comments (along with, you know, an actual comment that doesn’t link to a spammy MFA site).

More about Christmas news and maybe a tamale story – or not, we’ll see how that all pans out. Right now I need to play with my new keyword discovery tool and report later on how I like it (or don’t?).

See That Comment Section? Say Somethin’.

(I mean something real. Let’s talk. All I can hear are 7 kids singing Christmas carols – I could use another voice in my head.)

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