OK really now. I got this email from Maulana T of Authority Link Network, a competitor to BMR and a place where I’d syndicate some links (and yes I mentioned them in CJ Tactics but now the jury’s out again)…the email is as follows:


Due to the recent google de-indexing problem,
we have made some changes in ALN 2.0 to help
lowering the current de-indexing rate, however
it was not enough.

We have come to another solution, which is to
close the new member registration and to close
down all ALN user’s accounts which have been
registered in the last 3 months.

We will refund every single transaction for the
users which got affected by this change, here’s
how to get your refund:

- submit a ticket here: http://www.impowerhouse.com/support/

- use the subject: [ALN REFUND]

- send us your paypal email address, your ALN username
and your current active ALN payment plan

- send us your ALN last charge date

- we will send this pro-rated refund as a paypal “mass payment”

- it will take 7 to 14 days to process these refunds,
so we ask for your patience and understanding as we work
through this process

Note: we won’t process any refunds if you didn’t follow
the instruction above.

Please also note that all service provider MUST NOT
mention ALN in their sales page, you must change it
to your own “private blog network” or something
like that.

Failing to do so will result in immediate suspension
of your ALN account.

We regret that things turned out this way but please
understand that we made these changes for the better
of the network.

Let us know if you have some question regarding this
new change by submitting a ticket to our help desk.

Thanks for being part of the ALN network.

Best regards,

Maulana T

So what’s the big news? Well, I already mentioned how BMR was closing down, now ALN seems to be feeling the pinch. The verdict is pretty simple from my perspective: you can stop using BMR clones for now.

For good, maybe – but for now, definitely. That goes for SEO Cobra, Free Blog Network, yadda yadda yakkety schmack.

If this news is distressing to you, I have a bit of advice:

Start building assets and not simply spammy websites that don’t earn any links…and for the love of Pete: try actually building a presence online already.

Using SEO as just a way to game Google doesn’t end well, especially if you’re starting off on the wrong foot.

What’s the wrong foot?

Mistaking chum for content for one thing…and hoisting up your rankings by relying on dime-a-dozen links…

Start from scratch with a new paradigm called quality, from marketing to content.

Build assets.

Learn what people (vs. an algorithm) want to find at your site(s) and all of a sudden this “problem” isn’t so big and hefty. You won’t find me crying a river over Google deindexing BMR or any other resource for links.

Frankly, this shouldn’t be a big deal if you’re starting off right to begin with.

I used BMR but didn’t depend on them…they’re just one resource for links…

What Trumps a Google Hissy Fit?

Oh, I dunno – maybe you’ve heard me say it before – how about a quality website where you connect with your market?

How about writing about stuff you really care about?

Stuff that makes a difference?

And yes, you can make a themed product review site outshine competitors in a niche.

Somehow people think that “money sites” are out: but it’s really quality sites that stick and draw attention. Fresh content, a unique perspective, an actual presence and voice in a niche…

Actual expertise in a field vs. the fool’s gold you were told was good enough…

Faking it until you make it, hoping your readers are stupid but willing to pay and buy from you – that’s not a business model. It’s a joke.

Simple stuff like that.

Stop Building Empires of Sand Castles

Sand CastleWhat’s an empire of sand castles got to do with anything? Besides wanting to exercise some poetic prose, I wanted the mental image to stick.

Imagine being an emperor over the transient empire of sand castles. Beautifully built sand castles never had their equal…

But dude. They’re like…sand and stuff. One wave will topple them, erase your hard work and send you reeling.

Then you come out complaining the ocean was unfair, that the beach was yours to command and that you have sand in places where friction isn’t welcome.

Really now…?

I guess I could rally a group of you to say, “Google isn’t fair to do this to us – those selfish pig dogs!” (I forget the German for pig-dog, but I hear it’s a doozy in Germany.)

Anyway: who cares already?

Who cares if BMR or SEO Cobra or Authority Link Network never work again? (I have no idea if SEO Cobra works or not, it was too much money for me to find out.)

The point is: if you’re building your empire out of sand, don’t complain about the waves knocking them over. It happens, what did you expect?

So What Now?

Well, build something worthwhile. Stop buying WSO’s and courses that promise you riches with “curated content” or autoblogging already.

If it’s simply a matter of “drip fed blogs” that feed you automatically generated content, let me tell you what you need to know:

This business is not a good fit for you.

If you didn’t come here to work and build something worthwhile, and if your entire network relies on spammed links that Google isn’t going to respect for the long-haul: then you’re in for a rude surprise.

But it’s not all doom and gloom.

For example, I sold $20,000 worth of an ebook recently. Tell you more about that later. SEO had nothing to do with it, though…

Let’s say you’re one of the many who don’t want to write a book and build a brand – what then?

Will niche sites still work?

Yes, they will still work – but you’d better make sure they’re quality sites to begin with.

Now that that’s off my chest, I wanted to share with you what I’m doing now.

Taking my own advice.

Not building empires out of sand castles. What’s that look like? Well, it’s sent me to my thinking chair on which niches I want to tackle and be a part of: what do I want to write about?

What do I enjoy talking about?

What can I see myself actually having an expert opinion in where I can make a living?

By the way: I don’t make a living in the SEO or internet marketing and “how to make money online” niches. Honestly.

I probably make more than anyone on my street in those niches – but that ain’t saying much.

So for me, I’m thinking which niches to tackle…and I might just end up doing a few more product review sites on things I own and enjoy.

Nothing really fancy, but I’m aiming at genuine and transparent sites with actual content I’d show my wife and kids and mom and guinea pigs.

Maybe even my brothers, but we’ll see. :)

So that’s what’s on my mind – but still in the thinking phase.

And since I’m almost done painting my home’s interior (taking my sweet time and playing lots of XBox here – I overdosed on a chill pill), I’ll keep you posted on what changes I make if they’re worth even mentioning.

But really, at this point, I’m not changing anything because some engineer at Google had bad gas and decided to do their job at fighting link spam.

I really don’t have anything to worry about – so much may not change to be honest. It’s more a matter of wanting to do something I enjoy, rather than building another successful site that I don’t want to keep working on, despite it’s profitability.

For me, it’s a question of what I want to build, what I want to do – and where I’d like to spend my time…

…but heck: having sites where I can set and forget and keep collecting the paycheck?

Yeah. That hasn’t gotten old yet…

Don’t Let Google’s Bad Gas Scare You

Google can’t and won’t keep you down if you’re actually building something worthwhile. Don’t just rely on SEO for traffic, mind you – but by all means, ask yourself if what you’re building is going to last.

Does it deserve to stand the test of time?

That’s a question only you can answer. If you build sites that matter and SEO them properly, Google doesn’t seem like such a bully and bad guy.

(Especially if you get tons of traffic from places other than search. Just sayin’.)

Chin up, peeps. Google doesn’t own the internet.

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